Preserving Our History

March 18th, 2014

The culture, artifacts, and stories of our past are our link to the history of our nation. Historic buildings can be the most recognizable structure of a city, creating a connection with the city and it’s citizens, both past and present.

In 1966, Congress founded the National Historic Preservation Act which is intended to preserve historical and archeological sites in the United States of America. While the purpose behind preserving efforts was initially used for drive patriotism and turn structures into museums in order the generate tourism, the focus soon changed. In today’s society, the motivation for preservation is generally broken down into three categories:

  1. to retain elements of the past
  2. to commemorate the distinctive identities of places
  3. practice a conservation approach to environmental change

While there are stipulations to changing the appearance of a historic building, applying window film to the windows of historic buildings promotes a green approach to retain elements of the past. With advancements in technology, high performance window films were created within the last 20 years, enabling high heat rejection levels while keeping the visible light reflection anywhere from 8 to 12 percent. These films do not alter the appearance of historic buildings because of their low visible reflectivity levels. Glare is another factor that is reduced significantly; anywhere from 34 to 64 percent dependent on window film selection. While rejecting 99- 99.9% of UV rays, window film aids in the deterrence of the fading of valuables. When these buildings were created, insulation was minimal. Approximately, 25% of a building’s heat loss escapes through the windows and window film can reduce the amount of heat that escapes. During the hotter months, when solar energy enters the building, without film on the windows, hot spots are created in the home which increase the amount energy consumed due to cooling costs. By reducing the amount of heat entering the home, the consumption of energy is reduced. When window film is professionally installed, a building is saving up to 30% on cooling expenses.

Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc., of Denver, CO today for your FREE estimate! Our estimator, who holds Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association, will come to your property with samples and find the perfect film for your project.

Going Green in Your Home

March 05th, 2014

Going green is the new ‘thing.’ What most people thought was a trend; going green has proven to make our lives and possessions more sustainable. This movement has turned into an effort of a life style change instead of trend. We have seen these changes on both a small and large scale, and some green decisions are easier to make. Applying window film to your home windows, is one of the best ways to ‘go green.’

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 1970, less than half of U.S. homes were air conditioned, but nearly 90 percent of homes use air conditioning today. With this knowledge, it is estimated that 25 to 30 percent of the energy used in American buildings and homes is wasted due to inefficient windows. According to the International Window Film Association (IWFA), today’s film give energy savings, a neutral carbon footprint, UV blocking and security benefits while letting visible light into the home.

Window film allows natural light into the home while lowering the amount of heat and glare entering the home. Another benefit of window film is that most films reject anywhere from 99 to 99.9% of harmful UV rayLonetrees. These same UV rays contribute to the fading of your most prized possessions, as well as wood flooring and furniture. When solar energy enters the home, without film on the windows, hot spots are created in the home which increase the amount energy consumed due to cooling costs. By reducing the amount of heat entering the home, the consumption of energy is reduced. The return of your investment in window film could take up to three years to see. When window film is professionally installed, not only are you saving up to 30% on cooling expenses, window film can add to the re-sale value of your property. If you are worried about window film altering the look of your home or view, read our previous blog.

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Our Response to The Denver Post

January 28th, 2014

All American Window Tinting, Inc., of Denver, CO recently stumbled upon an article, regarding window tinting, that was published in The Denver Post. The writer, Marni Jameson, raised valid questions about window film and if consumers were being swindled into a “transparent” lie. We continued to read the article (click here to read article) and couldn’t agree more with Ms. Jameson’s questions and findings. Mr. Smith, of the International Window Film Association (IWFA), was the respondent to Ms. Jameson’s questions. It is true that in the past, in order to have a high heat rejection the film would have to be dark. However; through the advancement of technology, we are seeing light to neutral films carry the same or even higher heat rejection percentages than those darker films.

All American Window Tinting, Inc., carries specially select films that are non-reflective, completely dye-free, have a neutral appearance and have the added feature of low reflectivity so that your view is not altered day or night! We are the only window tinting company in Denver, CO where Richard Marti, owner/President of All American Window Tinting, achieved Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA is an international association of window film manufacturers, distributors and installers dedicated to the improvement of products and services for the consumer.  As part of this dedication, the IWFA has developed a test designed to evaluate the knowledge and skill of the professional installer.  If you have been hesitant about installing window film to your home or business, contact All American Window Tinting today at 303-936-1362 to schedule a FREE estimate!!  Our estimator will come to your home or business with a variety of samples to meet your needs.  You can also visit us online at to see some of the projects we have completed!

DIY Window Fillm Projects

January 10th, 2014

Window film for cars, homes and offices are available to the public for their own installation. Is it a good idea to install your own window film? Well, it can’t be that hard to install and it seems more affordable than having it installed by a professional, right? This article will explore why it is advantageous for a professional installer to apply window film to your project. We will first discuss automotive window film application and then explore the window film for residences and office/commercial buildings.

In our industry, we see window films sold in home improvement stores and there are businesses that apply film for a below market cost. It can seem easier to buy such films or use these companies but what exactly are you paying for? All the films we carry in our shop are LIFETIME WARRANTIED against bubbling, blistering, peeling or turning of purple. We stand behind our work and the products we carry. We also carry 3M Scotchgard clear bra to protect your car from harsh conditions on the road and this comes with a modest 5 year warranty. Tint removal is another aspect of services that we offer. It does seem simple to remove tint from a car but there are techniques to preserve rear window defrosters and ensure that the tint and glue are completely removed.

DIY Window FillmOur estimator will come to your residence or office to qualify the glass and recommend what film could and should be placed on your windows, free of cost. Living in Colorado, our weather is unpredictable and we live in high altitude. With this combination and depending on the type of glass installed in your home or residence and the direction of which way your windows face, determines what film works best for you. We carry various types of samples in order to find the perfect product for you.

All American Window Tinting, Inc., has been serving the Denver metro area for over 20 years. We have never met a job that was too big or too small. Our installers are trained specialists with the latest products, tools and education. Richard Marti received his Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association.  He is the only individual to attain Master Accreditation in the state of Colorado. He is also 1 of 16 worldwide with the title, out of the 348 members of the IWFA. Even though there are 16 professionals to hold Master Accreditation, Richard is only 1 of 5 dealers worldwide.  Give us a call today at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate or visit us online at!

The Season of Glass Breakage

December 20th, 2013

Living and working in Colorado has shown us that the weather is always unpredictable. In one day, we can experience freezing mornings, warm afternoons and leave work in the snow. With the weather constantly fluctuating, glass windows tend to fracture more so than windows that are in a stable climate. This phenomenon is known as thermal stress and is very common in our industry. Thermal stress is created when one area of a pane gets hotter than an adjacent area.

Should this stop you from getting your home or office windows tinted?

Our answer is, absolutely not! Thermal stress is dependent on the weather and the position of the sun, however there are other factors to take into account. Our installer obtained his Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association (IWFA), in order to be more knowledgeable about such factors. Here, at All American Window Tinting, Inc., we offer free estimates for the purpose of offering our expertise on what film to use for your windows. The different variables that we take into account vary from; if there is an overhang from the building, structure of the building, outside foliage shading, interior shading from blinds, the details of the internal heating systems, the size of mullions, colors of sealant(resilient or hardened), low-e coatings(the surface of the coating), the way the windows face and the location of the building. It is also important to keep in mind that glass that has chipped edges or was damaged in fabrication are subjected to a greater risk of thermal stress.

What happens if my glass breaks?

Window film manufacturers and installers are aware of thermal shock fractures, and warranty the glass from thermal shock from their product. If a thermal shock fracture does occur, a claim is made through the installer, submitted the manufacturer, and if approved, replaced. This process can seem daunting and overwhelming, however the benefits of window film (such as reducing glare and heat, offering privacy and/or rejecting harmful UV rays) outweigh such concerns. Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc., to have a professional installer evaluate your window system.


We Say Thank You

November 08th, 2013

Veterans_Day300x210Our country is always going through transition, whether it’s through politics, war or civil rights. It’s very easy to become disenchanted with everything going on around the world, however it’s necessary to take time and thank those who served for our country. Even though there are specified dates for memorialization and gratitude, how often do we thank those who served or are currently serving? As a country, we are able to express ourselves and bring attention to issues that we deem important. Had it not been for those brave men and women, our freedoms and rights would be obsolete. Let’s honor our heroes for the sacrifices that they made not only for us, but for their families and loved ones. To those who served or are currently serving, All American Window Tinting says thank you. Thank you for acting selflessly to protect our country and citizens that you do not know. Thank you for taking your time away from family, friends and loved ones to defend our rights and freedoms.

All American Horror Story

October 31st, 2013

As they walked into their home, the sight shocked them to their inner being. It did not happeWindow Film in the Denver Metro Arean over night, but over time. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The everyday family moved into their home not too long ago and decided window film was “not for them.” Blinds and curtains seemed more sensible to their budget and any other option was thrown out the window. Anytime that it was sunny outside, which was often since Denver has close to 300 sunny days a year, the family would lift the curtains and open the blinds to let natural light into their home. What they didn’t realize was that the sun’s harmful UV rays were allowed into their home as well. Gradually, with each sunny day, the family’s hardwood floors, furniture and beautiful paintings were fading right before their eyes. It was not until Halloween, when they walked through the door and noticed how summer’s scorching days harmed their most prized possessions. “How in the world can we keep our view, allow sunlight into our home AND block out the harmful UV rays?” thought the everyday family.

After some investigating and thorough research, the family realized that window film might just be the option for them after all. With this newly found information, their next step was to do an internet search of what companies offered window tinting in the Denver Metro area. Since they had already suffered in their home from constant heat and glare, they wanted to make the right choice. All American Window Tinting popped up on their internet search and they seemed reputable and knowledgeable. They visited their website and saw all their incredible work. When they called the office, the staff worked with the family and scheduled a free estimate. Nothing spooky or creepy about this company, rather the opposite.

The moral of the story is that your home and valuable possessions should not have to be afraid of the sun’s dastardly ghost that’s haunts your home during the day. Contact All American Window Tinting at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate. You don’t have to sacrifice your wallet or have your savings spooked because our prices won’t scare you!

Window Film vs. Blinds/Curtains

October 11th, 2013

It is common to believe that purchasing curtains, blinds or shades for residential or commercial Window Film vs. Blinds & Curtainswindows is the most effective way of cutting down costs. While this can be true, there are other aspects that are neglected in order to achieve a low budget. When interior shades are lowered to control glare and heat from the sun, the transmittance of daylight is inhibited. This can in turn increase your monthly energy bill if you have to supplement artificial lighting when sunlight can be utilized. Although blinds and/or curtains can offer privacy there are films that can offer privacy during the day; however it is important to note that anytime light can enter through a window film during the daytime it will allow light to pass the opposite direction at night. If nighttime privacy is a concern, there are decorative films such as rain glass film or white frost that will allow minimal light to pass through the day while giving privacy at night. Blinds and curtains tend to trap heat between the window and blinds/curtains. The sun’s heat is still entering the home, heating rooms. Window film acts in two ways; it will increase the amount of energy that can be reflected away from the glass and will absorb more of solar energy that could not be reflected. With these two factors presents, the amount of solar energy entering your home or business is decreased. In addition, window film is designed to filter the harmful UV rays that will enter your home, whereas blinds and curtains can not do so. These harmful UV rays are a contributing factor to sun fading and are damaging to the skin. The products that we carry at All American Window Tinting, Inc., are very affordable and the products we carry vary to meet different needs. The window film we offer can address issues of daytime privacy, heat reduction, glare reduction, sun-fading reduction or some of these issues combined.

Stop living in the dark and contact All American Window Tinting, Inc. today at 303-936-1362 to set up a free estimate!

Tinting Laws?!

September 20th, 2013

Did you know there are laws created for tinting your automotive windows? Do you know your state’s tinting law? Each state creates their own tinting laws regarding how much light must pass through the windows of every car. Colorado, for example, is an either/or state when it comes to car window tinting. YouAuto Window Tinting Laws in Colorado can choose to either tint your windows behind the driver’s seat as dark as you want, as long as the front driver and passenger windows have NO tint applied to them or you can tint all the windows, not including the windshield, to a maximum of 27 percent. As a company, it is our responsibility to tell the customer what the tinting laws are for our state and even other states, if need be. Since Colorado can be filled with transient people, we have had customers come to us and tint their windows with film that will comply with two different state laws.

A statement that we commonly hear is, “how likely am I to be pulled over for having window film darker than the legal limit?” We can not say that it is or isn’t likely to happen because it can or can not happen. In Colorado, we have heard that it is possible to receive tickets from 80 dollars to 300 dollars. There could be fines for both the customer and business involved. However, if the tint adhered to the car is illegal, All American Window Tinting, Inc. can remove the film from the windows in order for your car to be in compliance with the law. There are also a few reasons to stay within the legal limit of tinting that extend beyond legal consequences.

There are times when customers choose a darker film than legal and have had problems seeing through their windows at night. This does become a safety concern to the driver, those in the car and those outside of the car. There is also the possibility that manufacturer’s warranty may not apply to illegally tinted windows. We often hear from customers that the legal percentage of window film is not dark enough or does not reject a lot of heat and this concern has been brought before manufacturers as well. It is because of this concern that manufacturers are creating films that are light in tint shade and reject more heat than darker films. These high performance films are making the way for cutting edge technologies that we hope to see in the window film industry.

If you have any questions about Colorado automotive window tinting laws, please feel free to contact us (303)936-1362 or come in see our samples! At All American Window Tinting, our staff is equipped with years of knowledge and expert training to ensure that all your window needs and concerns are met. We stand behind our work and promise to deliver only the highest of quality products with a professional installation that is sure to stand the test of time.


Not Too Cool in School?

September 16th, 2013

With school back in session, there have been a few grumblings about the start of school. We’ve heard students not wanting to return to school, parents wondering why school hasn’t started earlier, and teachers having mixed emotions about their new set of students. One common concern that we have heard across the city is the lack of air conditioning/cooling system in the schools. The sun’s immense heat has plagued schools and with so many bodies in one building, it is no wonder why students and teachers alike are suffering in the heat. We can look at schools specifically, however this same concept can apply to any building that lacks a cooling system or even an effective one for that matter.

It would be unreasonable to ask school districts to install an air conditioning system in every school due to the high costs. All the individuals in any given building, create body heat and with computers and other equipment operating, heat levels without a doubt, will rise. Window film offers a reasonable and cost efficient solution to such dilemmas. The film applied to the window can increase safety, save energy and enhance the appearance of your building. Our High-Performance films can protect interiors from fading, reduce glare on computer screens, and eliminate discomfort all around.

It is not necessary to have every window in the building tinted since the sun may not directly affect a certain side of the building. It is, however, necessary to consult a trained professional in order to ensure that all precautions/factors are taken into consideration. Generic bronze tinted glass that is most commonly seen, absorbs heat and re-radiates inward. Our goal is to use window film that will reflect that heat outwards. This in turn can reduce cooling bills and offer a more comfortable environment for those in the building.

At All American Window Tinting, Richard Marti holds Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association. He is the only individual to attain Master Accreditation in the state of Colorado. Only the industries best dealers and installers are those that are well informed and well versed in both theory and application of window film products. Contact us today for a free estimate or visit our website at for more information!