automotive window tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

Automotive Window Tinting

All American Window Tinting, Inc. offers professional car window tinting and clear bra application in Denver and surrounding areas of Colorado.  Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment and should be equipped to last for years. Tinting the windows in your car or truck keeps your interior looking new by reducing the chance of the upholstery becoming faded or cracked.

All American Window Tinting, Inc. carries most major brands, providing a wide selection of window tint and window film shades to choose from. Our certified, professionally trained installers are at the top of their field and you can be assured the job will be done right the first time.

We offer everything from premium dyed film/ color stable films, mid level higher performance films to the highest performing films on the market.

Color Stable window tints and films tend to be darker so they block more heat because they are blocking the heat you feel from visible light.  Examples of the Color Stable products we carry are  Llumar ATC (Auto Tint Color Stable product line) and Hüper Optik Xtreme (Xtreme Optiks product line).

Mid level high performance films like Llumar CTX  offer excellent heat rejection.  These Films utilize CeramatrixTM Advanced Technology to provide superior UV absorption and heat rejection without blocking electronic signal transmissions. These products match factory privacy glass and reduce over 50% of the heat that you feel from the sun.

Our highest performance films include Hüper Optik Nano-ceramic window film series. The ceramic line is one of the best and highest performing products on the market. These car window films are dye and metal free. A ceramic window film rejects heat produced by IR and light which means it blocks a lot more heat than a color stable or dye based film and can be dark or light but will out perform a dyed product no matter what shade.

Not only specializing in window tinting, All American is your place to get a clear bra for your car. Applying a paint protection film to the front of your vehicle will protect it from from dings, scratches and even bug guts which can cause your paint to break down, creating unwanted damage.  We us 24″, 30″, and 60″ rolls of film which allows us to digitally cut a clear bra for any type of vehicle.  What this means to you is there will be no cutting done on your vehicle therefore, no accidental cuts to you paint. Click here to see the clear bra photo album of all our work. 

We stand behind our work with lifetime warranty films and most of our car window tint installs take under two hours.  Click here to see the automotive window tinting photo album of all our work.  Contact us today to learn more about residential window tinting in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.

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