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Automotive Window Tinting Pricing

* All prices are starting at prices. Pricing can change depending on year, make and model of vehicle. For a more exact price please contact us today.

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Entry level products- Color Stable and Premium Dyed Films- Llumar ATC product line and Huper Optik Xtreme Optiks product line

  • 2 Front Windows $100  (we can match factory tinting).
  • 2 Door Coupe $180 – $240
  • 4 Door Sedan $200 – $260
  • Pick up Truck $160 and up (depending on size and slider).
  • Wagons, Crossovers and SUV $240-$300
  • (Lifetime warranty)

LLumar CTX Ceramic window films- High performing non-metalized films

  • 2 Front windows $150
  • 2 Door Coupe $350 and up
  • 4 Door Sedan $400 and up
  • Pick up Truck $400 and up (depending on size and slider)
  • Wagons, Crossovers and SUV $550 and up (depending on make and model)
  • (Lifetime warranty)


Huper Optik Ceramic window films- High performing films contain no dyes and are non metalized

  • 2 Front windows $200
  • 2 Door Coupe $500 and up
  • 4 Door Sedan $550 and up
  • Pick up Truck $500 and up (depending on size and slider)
  • Wagons, Crossovers and SUV $650 and up (depending on make and model)
  • (All ceramic window films come with a Lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer)


Security Window Film – Thick Skin Protects Your Gear

  • 2 Front Windows $250.00
  • 2 Door Coupe $3000.00 – $340.00
  • 4 Door Sedan $300.00 – $360.00
  • Pick Up Truck $260.00 and up (depends on size and slider)
  • Wagons, Crossovers, and SUV $360.00 – $400.00
  • (Lifetime warranty)

Window Film Removal pricing

  • Entire vehicle $120 and up
  • Back window $60-$110 (depending on condition of film and difficulty or removal)
  • Door glass $20
  • All pricing is average pricing and can vary depending on year make and model. Please do not attempt to remove the window film from the back window yourself. You can easily damage the rear defroster if you are not careful. Please contact us for an expert removal!

Residential, Office, Commercial, Industrial, Decorative, Anti-Graffiti and Security window film pricing

Average price is about $60-90 per pane. Prices vary depending upon product type, accessibility and size of windows. It is very difficult to price over the phone or even based off of measurements provided over the phone. We offer free onsite estimates which means we will come to your location at no cost to you so we can see the project, show you product samples and help you make a decision on a film that will meet your needs and your budget.

Clear Bra or Paint Protection Pricing

*All prices are STARTING AT prices and vary depending on year, make and model of vehicle. Some vehicles are larger than others and have more curved bodies, therefore require more time and material.

  • Hood, Fender and Mirror package $220
  • Bumper Cover STARTING AT $300-$350
  • Door edges $20 each
  • Mirrors $35 each
  • Door handles and Door cups $10 each
  • Headlights STARTING AT $100 for the pair
  • Rear Trunk Ledge STARTING AT $80
  • Apillars STARTING AT $60 each side
  • Cab Top STARTING AT $60
  • Rocker Panels STARTING AT $100 each side

*We can put clear bra on any part of your vehicle you want extra protection from rock chips, door dings, etc. We use 24″, 30″ and 60″ rolls of clear bra paint protection film which allows us to use our computer pattern software to cut your clear bra and customize it to fit perfectly. What this means to you is there will be no cutting on your vehicle so you don’t need to worry about accidental cuts in your paint! With our large inventory selection we can cover anywhere from 12″ to the entire hood or any other surface you want protected. All our clear bras come with a manufacture backed warranty which covers labor and material.

Glass Replacement Pricing

Please call with make, model and year of vehicle and we can give you a quote over the phone. We offer affordable, competitive pricing and most likely you will not find a lower price. All glass replacement is done at our place of business. If you are looking for glass replacement for your home or office, contact us today to schedule your free onsite estimate!

Vehicle Remote Start Installation Pricing

  • Basic Remote Start Installation $300.00
  • Alarm/Paging Remote Start Installation $450.00
  • Additional costs may apply if extra parts are needed for installation $50.00 – $150.00