All American Window Tinting, Inc.: Member of IWFA

October 03rd, 2012

The IWFA puts you in touch with other professionals the world over facing the same industry challenges and the opportunity to share in their solutions. The IWFA monitors the industry globally, helping to assure that business ethics are followed by its members and that consumers count on the professionalism of IWFA members.

The official mission statement for the IWFA as adopted by its Board of Directors on February 21, 2001 is as follows:

The mission of the IWFA is to provide value-added services to our membership, to help sustain and grow our members’ businesses, and to partner with our manufacturers and other members to increase consumer awareness and demand for all types of professionally-installed window film products.

The IWFA Board is comprised of leader representatives from our Manufacturer, Distributor, and Professional Dealer memberships. Each is committed to fulfilling the mission of the IWFA and serve on various committees including, Legislative, Member Services, Education, etc. The IWFA also has access to professional consultants on legislative issues.

Download IWFA Window Film Booklet