automotive window tinting

Automotive Vinyl

All American Window Tintin, Inc. now carries DI-NOC carbon fiber film. If you want a carbon fiber look, without the high cost of carbon fiber this is your alternative. Made of a special embossed PVC vinyl, it features Comply air release adhesive which makes it easy to apply over any curvature with no bubbles. This vinyl product also features a carbon-textured finish. It’s not just a carbon pattern print, this texture closely resembles the look of dry carbon fiber, the weave reflects light the same way that carbon fiber would; once applied it stays put. This carbon fiber vinyl is water-resistant and has an outdoor lifespan of 4 years. There is no other product that can compare because nothing else looks like it and nothing else works like it! We can apply DI-NOC carbon fiber film to your hood, mirrors, doors, roof and any surface regardless of its shape.