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November 05th, 2012

      At All American Window Tinting, Inc., we are always sure to provide our customers with the best window film to suit your needs. No corners are cut…we are honest and give only the best window film recommendations, ensuring that all of your needs are met. We carry only the finest products; making sure that the window film selected will meet or exceed all expectations. There is no room for error in the window film installation world, as each type of window film serves for a specific purpose, if corners are cut to save even the smallest amount of money, horrific failure can occur and may end up costing you more than you ever thought.
Vdara Hotel – Las Vegas
Vdara Hotel – Suns Reflective Light
      In 2008, Vdara Hotel in Las Vegas had quite a large project that required window film installation. After receiving multiple bids on the project, Vdara chose a competing film that was cheaper and inferior. When this window film was applied much was not considered in its application. There are various factors that play a role in determining what window film to choose for a specific job. For example the type of window, what is trying to be achieved, over hangs, environment and surroundings are all investigated when choosing the best option of window film for that particular project. According ABC News, this was not the case with the Vdara Hotel. Choosing an inexpensive product to save on costs is not the way to go about providing protection, privacy and security. All factors must be taken in to account to ensure the safety of all individuals on the premises. Because of this oversight, many patrons of the Vdara Hotel were affected by the negligence of the corporates decision on the window film installation that took place. Already, this building was experiencing isolated pockets of high temperature due to the buildings curved and concave shape and the hot penetrating sun of the Las Vegas dessert. Once the window film installation project was completed, many patrons that would spend the day by the pool complained of excessive sunburn, melting plastic cups and plastic bags, all due to the selection of the wrong film type. The reason this occurred is because the company that completed the window film installation placed a reflective film over the windows that block about 70 percent of the sun’s light. This film was not the right selection for this job, as the reflective film began reflecting all the visible light from the sun. The rays from the sun were actually bouncing off the building and reflecting back onto the patrons below. The pool areas temperature would increase significantly enhancing the solar radiation and UV ray exposure in that area, which ultimately was the cause for all the complaints of excessive sunburn and the melting of plastic objects. 
Melted Plastic Bag from Vdara Hotel
     Vdara Hotel didn’t tackle this dangerous situation right away. In fact they tried alternate means of protecting the area with larger umbrellas and had a plan to put taller plant life in place to block some of the reflective rays that were bouncing of the hotel itself. This would prove to be ineffective as the sun’s axis is constantly changing; the objects placed to help prevent overexposure would actually have to be moved every day to accommodate for the shift of the sun. 

    Window film is put in place to protect, not to harm. So, when deciding on a window film it is completely necessary to follow all precautions and to be sure to choose a film that is going to be beneficial. Therefore, it is very important to choose a company that will explain in detail which window film will be right for the project at hand. Be sure to choose a reliable quality product and a trusted professional installer like All American Window Tinting, Inc., to be sure you reap all the benefits that window film has to offer.
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