Commerical Window Tinting: Get the Most for Your Money

September 08th, 2012

     Commercial window tinting is getting much more attention these days. Energy is becoming much more expensive. In order to cut back on interoffice energy costs, many businesses are looking into the world of commercial window films.  Commercial window films have many advantages cutting costs is just a bonus to all of the other benefits businesses can receive by installing window films.
      For instance, window films are manufactured and designed to offer a reduction in solar heat, minimize air conditioning costs, save on lighting utilities and provide UV/IR protection all while controlling glare in workspaces and offering security, safety, and decorative values that normal windows do not provide.
      The actual glass of a window has built-in compounds to fight energy loss and to ward off the solar heat that is actually entering the building, but this alone is not always effective. There are many factors that will determine exactly how well the internal building is protected from the rays of the sun. Internal lighting and even window seals play a major role when determining the effectiveness of a window. If a windows SC (Shading Coefficient), reduction of heat loss, is not up to par, then much of the internal heat of the building will be lost, ultimately resulting in an increase in energy costs. For example, any building 50,000 square feet and larger is most likely in cooling mode for 100% of the year, which means its AC is in actual full swing all year long to make up for all the heat that is absorbed through windows, internal lighting and equipment that may be running and omitting heat. This proves that simply replacing a window or all windows for that matter may not make a difference in any energy saving at all. So the next step to ensure that your business is protected and employees are provided with a safe and comfortable work environment, adding a window film to your building’s windows will prove to be more inexpensive than the replacement of windows and will prove to be much more energy efficient than windows alone.
       All American Window Tinting, Inc., is concerned with your business well fare, comfort, security, and decor, all of which will be most beneficial to your company. We go into your business as Window System Professionals, not as mediocre installers looking to sell tint. We will provide you with the best product, at the best price, with the best service that can be offered, we go above and beyond to make sure all of your needs are satisfied. Our seasoned Window System Professionals will conduct an in-depth review of your building and tailor a plan that will fit your needs all while using the latest technologically advanced Glass-Chek PRO EDTM monitor to test your windows to determine the SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient), which is the power of a window or film to admit solar heat gain; the lower the SHGC rate, the easier the window can shield solar heat. Testing will also determine the SC (Shading Coefficient), knowing such information will help to pinpoint the amount of solar heat being blocked or transmitted too. Once the amount of heat loss and heat absorbed is determined we will then choose the tint/film that is right for you; ensuring that all of your needs will be met for years and years to come, all while saving you thousands of dollars on replacement windows, that would otherwise prove to be more of a pocket breaker than an energy saver.
     Window films can provide so much more than preventing heat loss and heat absorption. It will allow for added privacy to your business all while providing a decorative more appealing look that will enhance the aesthetics of your building. We provide and install more than just exterior window films, decorative films can create private spaces within your building; door, window and wall films encompassing a vast array of designs, textures, and colors can create a more personalized look to any building space. If looking good and feeling safe wasn’t enough our high-performance films can protect interiors from fading, reduce glare on computer screens, and eliminate discomfort all around. The choices are limitless when choosing what type of window film is right for your business.
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Below are just some examples of our high-grade, high-performance window films: