Germ, Cough, Spit and Sneeze Guards, Shields & Protectors


Custom Sneeze Guards, Germ Shields and Protective Barriers. Full fabrication onsite. Temporary or permanent solutions are available. Taking extra precautions to protect ourselves and staff from the spread of germs. Those germs can spread from coughing, sneezing, and sometimes even just talking. Clear Protector Shields & Barriers will provide the protection you need and still allow you to see and speak to your customers when 6 feet distancing may not be possible.

 AAWT can create custom germ, cough, spit and sneeze guards that are clear protective sanitary barriers to help prevent the transmission of germs. Also called, clear protective barriers or plexiglass counter barriers, they are made of clear plastic-type materials like Acrylic, Lexan or Plexiglass.  These sneeze guard type barriers are perfect for retail stores, convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, service counters, reception desks, checkouts, register counters, customer service desks, check-in desks and so many more spaces where 6 feet distance may not be an option 

Below Are Examples of Custom Sneeze Guards done by AAWT

Clear Shields can be made out of clear plexiglass to allow you to see and speak to the person on the other side. These panels can be customized to your desired height and width. They can be installed using tracks and/or steel ropes. We have several customizations available. Call for more information, 303-936-1362