DIY Window Fillm Projects

January 10th, 2014

Window film for cars, homes and offices are available to the public for their own installation. Is it a good idea to install your own window film? Well, it can’t be that hard to install and it seems more affordable than having it installed by a professional, right? This article will explore why it is advantageous for a professional installer to apply window film to your project. We will first discuss automotive window film application and then explore the window film for residences and office/commercial buildings.

In our industry, we see window films sold in home improvement stores and there are businesses that apply film for a below market cost. It can seem easier to buy such films or use these companies but what exactly are you paying for? All the films we carry in our shop are LIFETIME WARRANTIED against bubbling, blistering, peeling or turning of purple. We stand behind our work and the products we carry. We also carry clear bra to protect your car from harsh conditions on the road and this comes with a modest 5 year warranty. Tint removal is another aspect of services that we offer. It does seem simple to remove tint from a car but there are techniques to preserve rear window defrosters and ensure that the tint and glue are completely removed.

DIY Window FillmOur estimator will come to your residence or office to qualify the glass and recommend what film could and should be placed on your windows, free of cost. Living in Colorado, our weather is unpredictable and we live in high altitude. With this combination and depending on the type of glass installed in your home or residence and the direction of which way your windows face, determines what film works best for you. We carry various types of samples in order to find the perfect product for you.

All American Window Tinting, Inc., has been serving the Denver metro area for over 20 years. We have never met a job that was too big or too small. Our installers are trained specialists with the latest products, tools and education. Richard Marti received his Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association.  He is the only individual to attain Master Accreditation in the state of Colorado. He is also 1 of 16 worldwide with the title, out of the 348 members of the IWFA. Even though there are 16 professionals to hold Master Accreditation, Richard is only 1 of 5 dealers worldwide.  Give us a call today at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate or visit us online at!