Don’t Let Yourself Be a Victim

February 17th, 2015

Denver Police People are alerting people of recent break-ins that are happening typically during the day. These break-ins are happening all over the Denver Metro area as well as surrounding areas. Thieves are breaking into homes using rear access and getting in fairly quickly. They are even targeting vehicles looking for small electronics or anything valuable. Take a look at your area to see the crime maps here
Lets face it at some point of time we all fall victim to burglary of a car, home , or even a business that we own. We wake up, grab our coffee thinking it is going to be an average day, when suddenly you find a bashed in window and stolen belongings. Ouch, this certainly does not make your day and can be quite a frustrating process.  It could happen anytime of the day , anywhere, to anyone. I know you may be thinking it won’t happen to you but anything is possible.  There are some things here at All American Window Tint (A.A.W.T.)  can do to help keep your belongings safe.

We we do offer a multitude of security films to help protect your property as well as the belongings inside. Some of your belongings simply cannot be replaced so some preventative measures can be taken. When a thief breaks into a vehicle, business, or home  it can be because they can see something inside they know may be of value. Applying a privacy window film can be helpful making it nearly impossible to see what is behind the glass. This keeps the thief from seeing if there is something worth breaking that window for. However privacy may not be enough. When a window gets broken shards of glass go everywhere and it is dangerous. The risk of someone getting cut or hurt is likely and can also cause damage to the anything else inside such as furniture. So what can you do? You can apply a security film to the glass and this helps keep the glass from shattering.

So here is how the security film works. It is applied to the window. It functions as a multi function film. It creates not only privacy and protection, but also helps keep the glass from shattering all over the place if broken. When someone comes along and tries to take a hammer for instance , to the glass , it makes it much more difficult for entry. Many hits usually have to be made in order to enter at a very strong force however this causes a delay and cuts the time that the thief has to obtain the goods they may be going for. So with todays world, most vehicles, homes, and businesses have alarm systems. Once the glass is hit the alarm goes off giving the person trying to break in only seconds to do their job. The security glass makes this a problem and adds a lot of time to the clock when trying to enter.



We offer a variety of security films here at All American Window Tint which are made up of a micro layer construction coated with a thick adhesive designed to hold broken glass. This improves safety and security for any home, vehicle, or business. Other benefits to this film include; heat rejection , reduces fading of belongings inside the film, and glare reduction. These windows are GSA approved and we offer level I, II, 3A, 3B blast mitigation (bomb blast film).

So contact us today to let us help you protect what is yours and what you love. Things behind the glass are our most prized possessions. We will be happy to provide a free consultation with an on site estimate. We are an accredited safety and security specialist through International Window Film Association (IWFA). Here is a link to our website directly : for more information.

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