Fundamentals to the Ultimate School Renovation

January 24th, 2013

     In order to achieve energy efficiency improvements within America’s schools, many are opting to go the green route with window films. There is much that window film can achieve, for instance, glare is often times a big issue in schools. The sun’s bright light entering the windows reflect off of the classrooms white boards, this glare can be almost debilitating to students trying to focus and learn. Window film can fix this issue, it has the capability to reduce light transmittance which means it can actually block/reduce the amount of light that enters through a window without making the room dark and allowing the students to view the white board much easier. Window films also reject heat and aid in maintaining a more consistent interior temperature balancing out hot and cold spots throughout the building. Instead of using expensive blinds and other window coverings to block heat, window film can do all that without compromising visible light. This diminishes the requirement of round the clock artificial lighting use. The use of window film is also a more cost effective way to obtain energy savings in that it can act as insulation to an older window unit. Applying window film is a lot less expensive than replacing windows and still allows you to get the same energy control as new windows.
    Window film applications on school windows is also a great way to achieve safety and security. In case of an explosion or other threat, window film will keep the glass in place and prevent flying glass shards from harming those inside the building. It strengthens the glass of windows and increases safety from potential accidents too. With specific window film applications, a school can receive an increase in privacy from outsiders or reduce the distractions a lot of students have from outside events. You can also protect your buildings windows from the effects of graffiti. There are specialty films that can be applied that can be easily removed and replaced if graffiti or etching occurs, this is definitely a great way to ensure that your school maintains its positive look and prevent the need for an expensive glass replacement.
     Window film installation is extremely cost effective and has a return on investment. It takes only a day to install and does not disrupt classes. It is perfect for a school who is looking to stay on a budget and extend the life of their building. Going green with window film installation is a reliable, beneficial, energy efficient and cost effective way to achieve the ultimate renovation for your building. Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc., at 303-936-1362 to schedule your free onsite estimate!