Get Rid of Graffiti Once and For All

October 29th, 2012

     Are you looking for invisible protection from those that feel its okay to write, scratch, and paint all over your buildings windows? Graffiti has become a huge problem in Colorado, and business and home owners are getting fed up. The constant replacement of windows can become quite costly but there seems to be a better alternative than embracing the unsightly graffiti work that can deplete the value of the property and deface the prestige of the city. All American Window Tinting, Inc., has the solution for you. Anti-Graffiti window film has proven to provide the protection that all business and home owners are looking for and can be provided and installed for a minimal cost. 
     Graffiti crimes occur continuously every year. In fact, it is estimated that the clean-up efforts for graffiti alone costs cities millions upon millions of dollars annually. When building owners or homeowners fall victim to a senseless graffiti crime, the business’ image may suffer, exorbitant costs for repairs are realized, and worst of all people may opt to shop at a different store that appears cleaner and safer. Homeowners plagued by graffiti may try to sell their homes. However, potential buyers may view that neighborhood as bad or unsafe. The National Association of Realtors states that a property located within a graffiti-filled community will lose 15 percent of its value and if the graffiti is profane or hurtful the home can lose up to 25 percent of its value. Graffiti adversely affects building and homeowners alike with a bad image and costly repairs. Take the necessary precautions to protect your home or office by installing Anti-Graffiti window film.
     Anti-Graffiti film is a specially formulated, clear polyester, multi-ply coating laminate that adheres directly to your windows to help protect from “tagging” or painting/etching on the glass. Installation, removal and re-installation of graffiti free film is a fraction of the cost of complete glass replacement or general graffiti removal. This laminate is virtually clear, invisible to the naked eye and will not change the aesthetics of your home or office. Anti-Graffiti film protects the individuals inside as well by providing the additional benefits of heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV ray blockage. 
     This product can not be beat; keep your home and office safe from the damaging tools of your neighborhood artist and regain your buildings beauty all while receiving the financial security that you deserve. Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc., at 303-934-TINT and get your free consultation today!!