Get Rid of Pesky Blinds Once and For All

November 26th, 2012

    Your ordinary blinds are now being replaced. Window film has taken the market by storm and many are getting rid of the inadequate window treatments that have caused years of frustration. This frustration is no more, below you will find why window film is the new reliable choice for all your window treatment needs. 
Window Films:
Last longer – won’t deteriorate
– Is not a dirt magnet – no continual cleaning needed.
– More economic
– Doesn’t clutter up space
– Reduces heat
– Secures glass if broken
– Can manage climate control of room
– Cuts out harmful UV rays while still maintaining visible light transmission
Asset to home or office – adds value
– Blinds restrict your view – window film does not
– Fraction of the cost of blinds
– Uses advanced technology
– More attractive, doesn’t change the look of a space, enhances room.
– Faster than fitting blinds, and way less expensive – simple installation and removal (if necessary)
– Nothing to break or replace. (blinds can fade, break and deteriorate; window film has been seen to last for 22 years)
– No small plastic clips, cords, etc., that easily break or become tangled
– Tax breaks on energy saving window films
– Still provide privacy (can see out but not in)
    Window films can provide you with a clear view, enhancing the interior to your home or office all while maintaining your view of outside. Get rid of bulky blinds and curtains and opt for the most advanced technology in window treatments. Window film is sure to give you reliable protection without the fussiness! Call All American Window Tinting, Inc., at 303-936-1362 and schedule your free quote for your window film installation today!