Go Green to Save Green with Solar Control Window Films

November 12th, 2012

     The newest trend to hit Colorado is the cost cutting objective of going green! New homeowners are automatically hit with an increase of expenses. To decrease their expenses further down the line, many are deciding to install window film on their new homes. When special window films are applied, they help to reflect the sun’s rays in the warmer months which in turn keeps the interior much cooler.  In the cooler months, this same film works to absorb the rays of the sun, keeping the heat inside of the home. Window film will allow for the household to generate less energy, which in turn saves you money!!
    There are many benefits to the installation  of window film, it is the most cost effective way to keep your home cooler or warmer as it provides a substantial amount of energy savings. It bestows protection to your windows glass, adds privacy and security all while protecting your furniture, flooring and most importantly your family.
    According to Energy.gov , here are some additional facts that will prove that window film is the best route to go when protecting the environment and your home:

* 16% of U.S. green house gases are generated from in home energy usage
* Window/doors account for 70% of heating load and 46% of cooling load
* Windows could be homes biggest cause of energy loss!
* Blinds and draperies block sun’s light but absorb heat; radiating it throughout the room
* Clear glass allows all radiant heat to enter your home
* Energy saving window film reduces energy costs by 25-30%; products pay for themselves!

    One of the main contributors to green house gases is your energy usage within your home. Installing window film can aid in the protection of our planet; this small step can make a big difference. Window film installation is definitely the “in” way of going green, and will prove to be a huge energy saving method for your home.