Great Partnerships

August 09th, 2013

Seventeen years ago, a customer entered All American Window Tinting and chose a film for her car. She decided to go with a Panther 35 film, that offered a lifetime warranty. When customers are looking for the right film for them, they tend to ask questions, and these questions are important (if you need to know what to ask, click here for last week’s article). When searching for the right film, one expects to find a film that will not turn purple, bubble, blister or peel. The customer came back to our location 17 years later and said she still had her lifetime warranty and wanted the film removed and redone. We were put into a predicament because we no longer carried the Panther film and the manufacturer no longer sold the film, as well. We called our local distribution company for help to resolve the problem. The manufacturer stood behind their product and honored the warranty by offering another film they manufacture3M Window Filmd. We were able to call the customer and inform her that the film she had on her vehicle was no longer in production but they would honor the warranty and offer her a Color Stable 35 film. When we find a product that we think will be great for a customer, we put our full faith in the manufacturer’s promise of lifetime warranties. We take pride in every product that we offer at All American Window Tinting, and are amazed at the great partnerships we have created with our manufacturers. Call us today at 303-936-1362 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment. Ask us about our warranties!!