Hand Cut TINT vs. Computer Cut

May 29th, 2012

At All American Window Tinting, we employ Denver’s finest experienced tinters that prefer hand cutting the tint.   We pay a little more for labor that has experience in hand cut tint, but we find it worth the expense.  Hand cut tint, hands down is custom and is a better fit.  Every window is slightly different, computer cut leaves no room for error.  If the tint is “shrunk” or too small for a window (particularly vent windows and 1/4 windows), there is no way to accommodate for that without then re-cutting the film and by hand.  Our precision tinter, Isidro has been tinting high end vehicles for over 10 years.  Richard, the owner of All American Window Tinting, has over 20 years of experience tinting automotive, residential and commercial.  A common misconception or assumption is that window etching is done on all hand cut tinting… this is not true.  An experienced window tinter knows to use a new sharp blade and how to avoid cutting anything but the tint itself.

We aren’t opposed to the technology of “precision” cutting when it comes to a clear bra.  This is when we avoid use of knife to car.  Paint is much less forgiving and we avoid the use of knives when working closely with your paint job.  Our digital design program specifically cuts our clear bra protection film to allow for all the curves and openings your specific model may require.

Our experienced window tinters and clear bra technicians combine years of experience with computer technology to create the most custom and accurate application for your car.

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