Here is the Method that is Keeping Homes and Businesses Protected

October 22nd, 2012

        Shatter resistant safety and security window film can be applied to both business and home windows. These window film provides for better security, keeping your most prized possessions protected. There are different types of security film to choose from each are virtually clear, are made up of multiple layers of polyester film that bond to the inside surface of the glass to provide added support and to help hold the glass in place upon impact. Applying security film to windows can bring a building up to code, without the expensive cost of replacing windows with tempered glass. All American Window Tinting, Inc. carries GSA approved level I, level II and level 3A & 3B blast mitigation films (bomb blast film). 
These security films can be applied in two different ways:
 1.      The first is installed on the daylight area of the glass, meaning that the security film will only    hold the glass together and in the frame as long as some of the glass edge remains unbroken. Once the edge totally breaks, the film and broken glass will come out of the frame; the glass will still stay together with the film but it will break away from the frame.
2.       The shatter resistant film can also be anchored to the window frame itself using a silicone adhesive or Impact Protection Adhesive. The film becomes a flexible membrane holding the glass together and keeping it in the frame. 
         Shatter resistant safety and security window film is a great way to protect your storefront from smash and grab burglaries, the film allows for the glass to remain together, which in most cases, makes it much more difficult for thieves to get access to merchandise. We also carry, Bomb Blast Window Film, which provides a higher level of safety and security for all building occupants by minimizing damage and ensuring building continuity. This film is designed to hold glass together in the event a bomb or other explosive is set off in or around your building. By holding the glass together, serious injuries as a result of flying glass shards can be minimized. When security window film is applied to the windows of a home, it not only protects from burglaries, but is an added safety for children and animals. When children or pets are playing, indoor or outdoor accidents can happen around windows that can be very dangerous. When such a film is applied to your home windows it can help reduce the chances of your loved ones being injured by shattered glass because in most cases the security film or safety film holds the glass in place upon impact. Severe weather conditions can also cause windows to break or shatter, with our security film you’ll receive the added protection against natures sometimes harsh conditions. 
The video below depicts the application of security and safety window film by our team of expert window film installers.
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