How You Can Have a Crystal Clear View with Superior Heat Rejection

February 14th, 2013

Crystalline 70

If your looking for the ultimate clarity and the highest performing window film with a superb appearance, then look no more, Crystalline Automotive Window Film is the right choice for you. This optical film is composed of over 200 layers of material but is thinner than a piece of paper. This type of technology enables this film to be clear all while rejecting more heat than a typical window film and without changing a vehicles look.

Heat from the sun comes from 2 main sources, the actual visible light that radiates from the sun and the infrared light (heat) that you feel. With this film, you can reject up to 97% of infrared light and block up to 60% of the heat that enters through your vehicles windows. These amazing qualities allow for more comfort and protection and keeps the interior of your car much, much cooler.

Once applied, Crystalline Window Film maintains the original look of your vehicle all while allowing for 90% light transmission, these films are not metalized and are guaranteed to never interfere with satellite signals, GPS or cell phone reception. With this film you can get the best in automotive solar protection that is easy to maintain, that is sure to retain its quality for years and years to come. This film has a lifetime warranty against, bubbling, blistering, peeling and promises to never fade or discolor.

Here is a Quick Look at the Benefits Crystalline Window Film Has to Offer:


Window Film

*    Durable Multilayer technology
*    Reduced reflectivity compared to darker films
*    Added safety and security
*    99.9% UV Protection
*    Reflects more heat compared to darker films
*    Metal-free with not satellite inference
*    Nationwide lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Crystalline 50

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