Low E Window Film in Denver and Colorado

Whether you’re looking to achieve a LEED certification for your building or just to save money on your monthly energy costs, there are a variety of products on the market to save money. One of the newest products hitting the market and drumming up a lot of buzz is the Low E Window Film.

Low E Window Film in Denver and the rest of Colorado is offered through the professionals at All American Window Tinting, Inc. (A.A.W.T.). This versatile and effective film can be used for residential or commercial purposes and is an excellent way to become more energy efficient.

Low E coating intensifies the insulating power of single-pane glass to double and double to triple for year-round energy savings.

Here are a few benefits of Low E Window Film:

-Energy savings can be realized year-round. During the summer months, Low E Window Film reflects the sun away from the windows so less air conditioning is needed to cool your building. In the winter months, Low E Window Film captures the heat from the heating system and directs it back into the room for lower energy use and dramatically reduces energy bills. (Note: Manufacturers say Low E Window Film reflects 70-80% of solar heat gain in the summer and conserves 50% of interior heat in the winter)

  • The product installation is quick, clean, and non-intrusive.
  • Low E Window Film blocks UV rays (up to 99%) which can fade furniture, upholstery, flooring, and artwork.
  • This is a good, cost-effective way to realize energy savings for your building if you’re not ready to replace old windows.
  • Reduces glare in a room.
  • Increases privacy without compromising the view. 

All American Window Tinting, Inc. (A.A.W.T.) is proud to offer this product to people throughout the Denver Metro Area (Aurora, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, etc) and all throughout the more mountainous regions. Contact us today to learn more about Low E Window Film in Denver and Colorado and how it can make a significant increase in savings.