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Safety and Security Window Film To Reinforce Glass In Colorado

Security Window Tinting in Colorado

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If you are looking for forced entry deterrents, the shatter-resistant film also known as safety and security film may be the answer! To help protect yourself and your property in Denver and surrounding Colorado areas call All American Window Tinting, Inc. (A.A.W.T.). We are the shatter-resistant security window film and safety window film professionals in Colorado! We are one of the only companies in Colorado to hold a Master Safety and Security Film Accreditation. That makes us the experts!

Shatter-resistant security film or safety film sometimes called glass fragment retention film is a multilayer, polyester film that bonds to the window to reinforce the glass and help hold it in place upon impact. Making it harder to break through the window.  Shatter-resistant fragment retention film is described in terms of “mils”. Which is a measurement of thickness as one-thousandth of an inch. Thickness can vary from 4 MIL to 15 MIL depending on your needs.

Typically safety and security films are optically clear. However, in some cases, you may need sun control and security OR privacy and security. In these cases, multi-stacking may be the answer. Safety and Security films that are frosted, opaque, or tinted usually come in a 5MIL to 8 MIL Which may not provide adequate protection. When privacy and security are needed we can multi-stack frosted and opaque films with clear security films to provide a higher level of protection. That same thing can be done with tinted security window films that also provide solar control. Multi-stacking tinted solar control safety and security window films with optically clear safety and security film and you have added protection and sun control!

Applying shatter-resistant security film or safety film to the windows of your home can protect your family.  When security film is applied to your home windows, it can help reduce the chances of your loved ones being injured by the shattered glass. That is because in most cases, the security window film or safety window film helps holds the glass together upon impact.

Safety film or security films can be used wherever there is a potential for injury from broken glass shards or if you need extra protection from attempted break-ins.  Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc. (A.A.W.T.), in Denver today for more information and get the sense of security you deserve!

Contact us: 303-936-1362