Not Too Cool in School?

September 16th, 2013

With school back in session, there have been a few grumblings about the start of school. We’ve heard students not wanting to return to school, parents wondering why school hasn’t started earlier, and teachers having mixed emotions about their new set of students. One common concern that we have heard across the city is the lack of air conditioning/cooling system in the schools. The sun’s immense heat has plagued schools and with so many bodies in one building, it is no wonder why students and teachers alike are suffering in the heat. We can look at schools specifically, however this same concept can apply to any building that lacks a cooling system or even an effective one for that matter.

It would be unreasonable to ask school districts to install an air conditioning system in every school due to the high costs. All the individuals in any given building, create body heat and with computers and other equipment operating, heat levels without a doubt, will rise. Window film offers a reasonable and cost efficient solution to such dilemmas. The film applied to the window can increase safety, save energy and enhance the appearance of your building. Our High-Performance films can protect interiors from fading, reduce glare on computer screens, and eliminate discomfort all around.

It is not necessary to have every window in the building tinted since the sun may not directly affect a certain side of the building. It is, however, necessary to consult a trained professional in order to ensure that all precautions/factors are taken into consideration. Generic bronze tinted glass that is most commonly seen, absorbs heat and re-radiates inward. Our goal is to use window film that will reflect that heat outwards. This in turn can reduce cooling bills and offer a more comfortable environment for those in the building.

At All American Window Tinting, Richard Marti holds Master Accreditation through the International Window Film Association. He is the only individual to attain Master Accreditation in the state of Colorado. Only the industries best dealers and installers are those that are well informed and well versed in both theory and application of window film products. Contact us today for a free estimate or visit our website at for more information!