Now Accredited!!!

April 16th, 2013

Richard Marti, owner/operator of All American Window Tinting, is now an accredited Automotive Film Specialist!!! This training/testing program is designed to educate dealers and installers in the specific area of automotive window film applications and properties.

One of the biggest, if not biggest, problems in controlling comfort in an automobile is dealing with the radiant heat from the sun. The energy generated by the sun literally pours through the windows and is absorbed by all it touches. Understanding how the sun’s radiant energy works and the methods of heat transfer, is the first step in helping determining which solar control window film is best for your automobile.

All American Window Tinting has the knowledge, experience and now the accreditation to help you choose the perfect auto tint for your vehicle. Call us to make an appointment 303-934-TINT (8468) or stop by our shop and let us show you why obtaining this Automotive Specialist accreditation sets us two steps ahead of the competition!

Always look for the “know how” symbol before choosing an installer to tint your vehicle.

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