Preserving Our History

March 18th, 2014

The culture, artifacts, and stories of our past are our link to the history of our nation. Historic buildings can be the most recognizable structure of a city, creating a connection with the city and it’s citizens, both past and present.

In 1966, Congress founded the National Historic Preservation Act which is intended to preserve historical and archaeological sites in the United States of America. While the purpose behind preserving efforts was initially used for drive patriotism and turn structures into museums in order the generate tourism, the focus soon changed. In today’s society, the motivation for preservation is generally broken down into three categories:

  1. to retain elements of the past
  2. to commemorate the distinctive identities of places
  3. practice a conservation approach to environmental change

While there are stipulations to changing the appearance of a historic building, applying window film to the windows of historic buildings promotes a green approach to retain elements of the past. With advancements in technology, high performance window films were created within the last 20 years, enabling high heat rejection levels while keeping the visible light reflection anywhere from 8 to 12 percent. These films do not alter the appearance of historic buildings because of their low visible reflectivity levels. Glare is another factor that is reduced significantly; anywhere from 34 to 64 percent dependent on window film selection. While rejecting 99- 99.9% of UV rays, window film aids in the deterrence of the fading of valuables. When these buildings were created, insulation was minimal. Approximately, 25% of a building’s heat loss escapes through the windows and window film can reduce the amount of heat that escapes. During the hotter months, when solar energy enters the building, without film on the windows, hot spots are created in the home which increase the amount energy consumed due to cooling costs. By reducing the amount of heat entering the home, the consumption of energy is reduced. When window film is professionally installed, a building is saving up to 30% on cooling expenses.

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