Questions and Answers

Q: Why tint the windows in your vehicle, home or office?

Answer: There are several reasons to tint the windows in your automobile, house or commercial property. The most important reason to tint the windows in your car, home or business is window film blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that have been shown to cause skin cancer. Window film also reduces fading or cracking on the interior of your vehicle and helps prevent fading of your furniture or possessions in your home or office. Window tinting in Colorado also helps reduce the nuisance of sun glare on things like your computer screen or TV. Applying window film to the windows in your home or office will help lower energy costs by retaining heat in the Winter months and reflecting up to 80% of the sun’s heat in the summer months. Window tint on your vehicle will save you money on fuel costs by blocking more of the sun’s heat which means the AC won’t have to be run so high. Window tint is an economically friendly answer we all need in hard times like this. Another extremely important reason to have window film applied to your windows is security. If a window has been broken the window tint will, in most cases, hold the window in place giving you added protection against injuries from broken glass. Window tint decreases the chance of theft by making it more difficult for people to see into your vehicle. Window tint is an investment for your home, office, and/or vehicle.

Q: What does window tint aka window film cost?

Answer: Automotive window tint costs anywhere from $160-$550 depending on the type of vehicle and shade of film. Residential and Commercial window film costs are based on many different factors. You can email photos and the size of your windows from the inside, tell us what your goals are, and we can provide approximate prices for your business or house. We provide over-the-phone quotes for vehicles.

Q: What is the legal limit of tint in the state of Colorado?

Answer: Colorado state law requires 27% light transmission through the windows in your vehicle. The manufactured glass looks optically clear but actually blocks between 5%-8% of light transmission. Therefore legally the darkest shade of window tinting in Colorado you can apply to the windows in your automobile is 35%.

Q: How long does it take to apply window tint to the windows in my car, home or office take?

Answer: Tinting the windows in your automobile takes about 1 1/2 – 2 hours with an appointment. Compared to other shops who will need the car most of the day. We never compromise quality for time so rest assured you will have a clean install and a professional job. We have a waiting area and Wifi access available for you while you wait!
Applying window film to the windows in your house or place of business takes about 1 hour for 6 windows depending on size and accessibility. For example, the windows in a bedroom would take the typical amount of time versus skylights which are a little more difficult to get to and requires more time.

Q: Does window tint go on the outside or inside?

Answer: Window film goes on the inside of the window. When performing window tinting in Denver and Colorado we fit the film on the outside of the vehicle to ensure no damage is done to the interior. In most cases, the tint is cut with a computer cut program. Once the film is ready for the application it is installed on the inside of the window.

Q: How long do I have to wait to roll down my windows once I have window tint applied?

Answer: It is very important you wait 3 days before you roll your windows down.

Q: Will the windows in my car bubble, blister or turn purple if I get my car windows tinted?

Answer: We use top-of-the-line products and carry films that are guaranteed never to bubble, blister, peel, or fade to purple for as long as you own the vehicle. Bubbling, and fading of window tint are caused by poor applications, using the wrong cleaning solutions, extreme temperatures or it could be just because it’s a very old film.

Q: Is there something that can be put on the window guides to prevent them from scratching the film?

Answer: Some of the newer vehicles have plastic window guides that can scratch the window film. Also, some older vehicles have very weathered window guides that could scratch the film. A felt strip can be applied to the inside of the window guide to help prevent this from happening.

Q: Will window tint affect or damage the defrosters in my vehicle?

Answer: Window film does not damage or affect the defrosters on your vehicle, we apply the window film right over the top of them. However, we do recommend you wait at least 24 hours before using the defrosters.

Q: Can I tint the windows in my vehicle, home, or business during the colder months of the year?

Answer: Window tint can be applied to your vehicle in any type of weather because the film goes on the inside of the window. The film may take a little longer to cure depending on weather conditions. The moisture in the film needs to evaporate to complete the curing process. We recommend you not roll your windows down for 3 days after the film is applied no matter what type of weather. The colder months of the year are actually a great time to get your windows tinted because waiting 3 days to roll your windows down won’t be a problem! For residential and commercial window tinting the glass temperature needs to be above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q: What should I use to clean my windows after my window tint is installed?

Answer: For the best results clean your windows with a soft cotton cloth and avoid ANY abrasive or ammonia cleaners. The best cleaning product is a quart of water with a couple of drops of dish soap or baby shampoo. If the cleaner starts to streak you have added too much soap.

Q: Can window tint be removed and is it something I can do myself?

Answer: Yes, window tint can be removed. It can be a difficult task depending on how long the film has been on the vehicle. We recommend you leave it to a professional. Otherwise, you risk damaging the glass and defrosters. We have specific methods we use to ensure we don’t cause any type of damage to your windows or your vehicle and in most cases can save the rear defroster.

Q: What types of warranties come with window film applications?

Answer: We carry window films for your vehicle that come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. However, if you sell the vehicle the warranty does not transfer over to the new owner. Residential and Commercial window films come with a 10-12 year warranty. With our expert installation, your windows will likely last for over 15 years.

Q: Do you computer cut your film?

Answer: At All American Window Tinting®,Inc., (A.A.W.T.®) we employ Denver’s finest experienced tinters that have the ability to hand-cut the tint. We have the ability to use a computer cut pattern. We do so when we can. However, not all patterns for vehicles fit better than hand-cutting. We pay a little more for labor that has experience in hand-cut tint. Hand-cut tint, hands down is custom and is a better fit. Every window is slightly different, computer cut leaves no room for error. If the tint is “shrunk” or too small for a window (particularly vent windows and 1/4 windows), there is no way to accommodate for that without then re-cutting the film by hand. A common misconception or assumption is that window etching is done on all hand-cut tinting… this is not true. An experienced window tinter knows how to avoid cutting anything but the tint itself.
We aren’t opposed to the technology of “precision” cutting when it comes to clear bra. This is when we avoid the use of a knife in the car. Paint is much less forgiving and we avoid the use of knives when working closely with your paint job. Our digital design program specifically cuts our clear bra protection film to allow for all the curves and openings your specific model may require.
Our experienced window tinters and clear bra technicians combine years of experience with computer technology to create the most custom and accurate application for your car.

Q: What if I get my windows tinted by All American Window Tinting®, Inc.(A.A.W.T.®) and my film does fail or I have concerns in the future?

Answer: We appreciate our customer’s feedback and hope that you will not hesitate to bring any concerns you may have to our attention. One of our top priorities is customer service when performing window tinting in Colorado and we strive for satisfaction from every customer. Our staff of manufacturer-trained installers will stand behind every job we complete and will replace the window film on your auto, home, or building at no cost to you if there are flaws in our application or the window film itself. We have been in the same location since 1993. Repeat customers and referrals are what our company was built on. We try our best to achieve satisfaction from every customer we serve.