Resisting Abrasion One Window At a Time

January 31st, 2013

      Window films are composed of different materials, no single window film is alike. But with the latest technology, each film shares one characteristic, a hard coat chemical coating that acts as a scratch resistant barrier. This barrier is in place to protect your windows from scratches, scuffs and abrasion from normal day to day window maintenance. This scratch resistant surface can be comprised of many different materials, the most common is acrylic based, but some can be composed of a pure hydrocarbon molecular hard coat. Such a protective layer adds to the durability of the window film and allows for much easier maintenance of the film.
Today’s window films have superior scratch resistant coatings than older films had. Window films of the past were ruined the first time that they were cleaned, that is, unless the ultimate care was taken. The films of today allow for normal, care free cleaning. If proper maintenance instructions are followed the window film will maintain its scratch resistant property for years. When cleaning windows that have window film in place, it is recommended to use a simple soap and water mixture, and always use a soft cloth to maintain its scratch resistant properties. Keep away from products that contain ammonia and do not use abrasive cleaners, as these will cause the hard coat to break down.
Remember, scratch resistant does not mean scratch proof, use caution when working around tinted windows with paint scrapers and metal objects. Although scratch resistant hard coatings protect against accidental abrasion, product deterioration from normal cleaning, and provide good performance in all climates, proper care still needs to be maintained in order to ensure years and years of scratch prevention.
Hard coats do differ when it comes to an interior window film to that of an exterior window film. Exterior window film has a much stronger scratch resistant coating to withstand wind, rain, and other factors that the window film will be exposed to. When getting a window film installation always be sure to get the proper window film for the job.
Rest assured that today’s technology in window film has been formulated to maintain its resilience for years and years to come, as long as you do your part, you can sustain this protective barrier for a lifetime.

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