The Basics of Window Film Selection

December 14th, 2012

   There are many types of window film on the market today, choosing which one is right for you may seem like a difficult task, but in all reality, its an easy one! Below you will find information that will surely help you in the process of determining which window film will best fit your needs.   
     At All American Window Tinting, Inc., our color stable window films are the best in the market. They all offer a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing that your window film will never turn purple, bubble, peel or blister. These films are non-metalized, so they won’t interfere with radio or satellite signals. They are darker films so they are sure to give your vehicle an upgrade in its appearance all while providing the benefits of visible light rejection and heat rejection too.
    The ceramic window films that we carry are set far above the rest. The amazing technology of nan-ceramic films allows for these films to provide the ultimate levels of heat rejection without making a significant change to your vehicles appearance. These films are much lighter, maintaining much of the vehicles original look. Nano-ceramic films carry a lifetime warranty as well, and also guarantee to not bubble, peel, blister or fade. They are non-metalized, are 100% dye free and are extremely durable due to their ceramic makeup. 
      When choosing which film to go with, it is all a matter of personal preference. One  might want the look of a dark film, while another is just looking for heat rejection. Whatever your choice, both are fantastic options. We at All American Window Tinting, Inc., pride ourselves in providing only the best products available and educating individuals on the qualities each type of window film has. You can visit our website at for further information on the many window films in the market today or simply call our office at 303-934-TINT.