The Benefits Window Film Has to Offer

December 17th, 2012

  There are many benefits to the professional installation of window film on your home or office. Listed below are several advantages that window film has to offer:

High Performing Window Films Typically Offer:

– Up to 99% of UV reduction
– Fade protection for furniture, drapery, flooring etc.
– Reduce harmful affects of UV rays that can cause skin cancer
– Increase resistance to the possibility of glass shattering
– Increases safety

Security Window Films Typically Offer:

– Safety and protection from violent storms
– Destruction of property, burglaries (smash and grab), and bombings

Solar Control Window Films Typically Offer: 

– Greater comfort
– Reduced energy costs
– Reduce and aid in the prevention of fading of furniture, drapery, flooring etc.
– Reduce glare
– Provides greater daytime privacy
– Enhances aesthetics of home or business
– Decrease in environmental emissions

 Decorative Window Films Typically Offer:

– Enhances appearance
– Adds personalization
– Greater privacy
– Can be easily changed to fit needs and styles

   If you are looking to reap the multiple benefits that a professional window film installation has to offer contact All American Window Tinting, Inc. at 303-934-TINT or visit our website at!!! We look forward to serving all your window film needs!