The Ultimate Security and Protection

November 25th, 2012

   Not all window films are equal. Security window film adds extra protection to a government building by aiding in the prevention of flying shards of glass. Government buildings are sometimes the focus of malicious attacks from outsiders. In order to protect and secure the individuals inside, this window film provides additional safety from bomb blasts, hurricanes, seismic events, or people attempting forced entry through a window. It is a federal requirement that all government buildings have security window film in place.

   The most popular way of installing this type of film is through a wet-glaze attachment system. The film is applied to the window and is anchored through the process of an impact protection adhesive that is applied along the edges of the window film and the window frame itself. This ensures that the window film stays in place to help prevent any flying glass during a damaging event. This attachment system increases the performance of the window film itself. The goal of this installation is to hold the windows glass fragments together; hindering the chance of flying shards all while preventing the entire window unit from dislodging and being sent into the interior of the building during an explosion or storm. 
   This system also aids in protecting the building from nearby bomb blasts.The residual blast from a nearby building can still cause great damage to the buildings around it. The main purpose of security window film with an attachment system is to protect the livelihood of the individuals inside.
    Security window film still provides added protection from fading, UV damage protection, climate control through temperature stability, energy efficiency/monetary savings, EMI protection and decorative design as normal window film does. 
   Energy savings are quickly realized with government window tinting options as they provide low upfront capital cost and a quick return. Some systems can even provide payback in as little as 18 months. These window tinting films are also very beneficial to older government buildings with single paned windows. Some films are proven to provide the efficiency and protection equivalent to double paned windows at only a fraction of the cost. Protecting classified materials and employees is not an option; it’s a necessity.
    The video below depicts exactly what a security window film with an attachment system can do in the event of a blast!! Get the protection you deserve and call us today!

Security window film is not just for buildings and structures. Special security window films are also manufactured for use on vehicles. This after market feature provides additional protection for not only your vehicle but gives security to you and any valuable materials you may have inside. This window film can aid in the prevention of smash and grab burglaries. This can be most beneficial during the holiday season when shopping is at the top of your list. You can receive the peace of mind you deserve knowing that your valuables are protected from parking lot thieves that are so abundant during the holiday season. For the ultimate protection, All American Window Tinting, Inc., performs an edge to edge application of this special security window film. This process of installation provides and over extension of window film on the surface of each window of your automobile, ensuring complete coverage, where not even day light can permeate the edges of the glass. With this installation the window will remain secure even if hit with a hammer.

If you are looking to secure your government building or vehicle today and save money in reduced energy costs, contact us today at 303-936-1362 to learn more about security window films and the benefits they have to offer.