Why choose a ceramic window film for your car?

May 09th, 2012

Color Stable films… Crystalline Spectrally Select… or Ceramic?

Huper Optik dual layer Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free which means they will not de-metallize or fade. This is world’s first patented nano-ceramic technology Employing patented nano-deposition technology, the manufacturing process involves multi-layers of ceramic thin films that are coated to form a high performance heat, glare and ultra-violet light barrier. Unlike dyed or metallized films Huper Optik Ceramic films will not interfere with radio, satellite or cell phone signals, will never discolor and will not compromise visibility. These nano-Ceramic window films are capable of heat rejection levels that only a darker conventional dyed or metallic film can match. These window films have low visible light reflectivity and are a neutral color that will enhance the overall aesthetics.

Choose from Ceramic 30, 40 or 50.  See all of our Huper Optik options.

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