Window Film vs. Blinds/Curtains

October 11th, 2013

It is common to believe that purchasing curtains, blinds or shades for residential or commercial Window Film vs. Blinds & Curtainswindows is the most effective way of cutting down costs. While this can be true, there are other aspects that are neglected in order to achieve a low budget. When interior shades are lowered to control glare and heat from the sun, the transmittance of daylight is inhibited. This can in turn increase your monthly energy bill if you have to supplement artificial lighting when sunlight can be utilized. Although blinds and/or curtains can offer privacy there are films that can offer privacy during the day; however it is important to note that anytime light can enter through a window film during the daytime it will allow light to pass the opposite direction at night. If nighttime privacy is a concern, there are decorative films such as rain glass film or white frost that will allow minimal light to pass through the day while giving privacy at night. Blinds and curtains tend to trap heat between the window and blinds/curtains. The sun’s heat is still entering the home, heating rooms. Window film acts in two ways; it will increase the amount of energy that can be reflected away from the glass and will absorb more of solar energy that could not be reflected. With these two factors presents, the amount of solar energy entering your home or business is decreased. In addition, window film is designed to filter the harmful UV rays that will enter your home, whereas blinds and curtains can not do so. These harmful UV rays are a contributing factor to sun fading and are damaging to the skin. The products that we carry at All American Window Tinting, Inc., are very affordable and the products we carry vary to meet different needs. The window film we offer can address issues of daytime privacy, heat reduction, glare reduction, sun-fading reduction or some of these issues combined.

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