Window Tinting in Colorado

April 13th, 2012

Top 7 Reasons to Tint your Car Windows in Denver, Colorado

1.) Decrease Heat…Today’s window film is extremely effective at rejecting up to 60% of the heat you feel from the sun.
2.) Minimize Fading…The window film used to tint your car will blovk up to 99% of UV rays.  These are the rays responsible for fading the interior of your car, truck or SUV.
3.) Reduce Glare…Glare from direct sun, reflections off buildings, other cars and water can be annoying.
4.) Enhance the look of your Automobile… Whether it’s a car, truck, or SUV, window film gives your auto a sleek look.
5.) Security and Safety…Window film provides an additional safety measure by keeping it safer from break-ins, and most times holding shattered glass intact after impact.
6.) Comfort and Energy Savings…with window film, you can drastically cut down use of Air Conditioning which translates into fuel savings.
7.) It’s Fast and Easy!…  Call today to make an appointment to have your car tinted before the summer is upon us in Denver.  All American Window Tinting 303.936.1362