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Shatter Resistant Glass Reinforcement Safety and Security Window Film

If you are looking for added protection for the glass in your home, business or car in Denver or surrounding Colorado areas, shatter resistant safety and security window film may be the answer.  All American Window Tinting, Inc. (AAWT), in Denver is the shatter-resistant security film and safety film window film expert. Shatter-resistant security film or safety film sometimes called glass fragment retention film is an optically clear, multilayer, polyester film that bonds to the window to reinforce the glass and help hold it in place upon impact. That can help protect from accidents near glass and even attempted break-ins.

Shatter-resistant fragment retention film and safety and security window films are described in terms of “mils” which is a measurement of thickness as one-thousandth of an inch. Thickness can vary from 4 mil to 15 mil. The varying thickness is achieved by mechanically laminating multiple layers of film together w/ aggressive adhesive coatings. Frosted opaque and tinted solar control films are available in some, but not all, MIl thickness as well.

Security Window FilmAll American Window Tinting is one of the few companies across the United States to hold a Master Safety and Security Window Film Specialist accreditation through the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA is an international association of window film manufacturers, distributors and installers dedicated to the improvement of products and services for the consumer.  As part of this dedication, the IWFA has developed a test designed to evaluate the knowledge and skill of the professional installer.

Shatter-resistant Security Film or Safety film applied to annealed glass can bring the windows in older homes up to tempered code for current building code standards. This solution is more cost effective than replacing the annealed glass with tempered glass. This is a popular and cost effective option in remodeling homes.

All American Window Tinting, Inc. (AAWT), in Denver, has a wide selection of shatter-resistant security films to meet your security and safety needs. We have GSA approved level I, level II and level 3A & 3B blast mitigation films (bomb blast film).

Shatter Resistant or Fragment Retention Film can be installed a couple different ways. The first is installed on the daylight area of the glass. Which means the security film will only hold the glass together and in the frame as long as some of the glass edges remains unbroken along the line where the daylight part of glass meets the frame. Once the edge totally breaks the film and broken glass will come out of the frame. The glass will still stay together with the film but it will break away from the frame. The shatter-resistant film can also be anchored to the window frame itself using a silicone adhesive or Impact Protection Adhesive. The film becomes a flexible membrane holding the glass together and in the frame. Using an Impact Protective Adhesive will be the more effective installation

Security Tint applied to the windows of your storefront can help prevent smash and grab burglaries and forced entry. In typical cases upon impact security film helps hold the shattered glass in place, making it harder for the thieves to have access to your merchandise.

For those looking for shatter-resistant tint in Denver or the surrounding Colorado areas, contact us today to learn more about this shatter resistant security film. We also offer Bomb Blast Window Film and Hospital Window Tinting

Installation of Safety and Security Film with Attachment System Smash & Grab Theft Deterrent System.

By applying shatter resistant security film or safety film to the windows in your home you can help protect your family. When children or pets are playing, indoor or outdoor accidents can happen around windows that can be very dangerous. When security film or safety film is applied to your home windows it can help reduce the chances of your loved ones being injured by the shattered glass because in most cases the security film or safety film holds the glass in place upon impact.

Severe weather can also cause severe injuries by broken glass from windows. Our selection of security film or safety film will give you added protection during severe weather such as high winds, severe hail storms, tornadoes, even terrorist threats and much more. Security film or safety film on windows helps prevent flying glass fragments from harming you, your loved ones, your employees or your property by helping to hold the glass together vs. windows that have no security or safety film on them.

Safety film or security films can be used wherever there is a potential for injury from broken glass shards or you need extra protection. Contact        All American Window Tinting, Inc. (AAWT), in Denver today for more information and get the sense of security you deserve!