School Safety and Security Film Protect Our Students

Protecting our Children should be our top priority! Safety and Security Film in Our Schools in Colorado will help protect our children and staff. Windows and Doors are the most vulnerable areas in a school. They allow for easy access to intruders who can simply just break the glass to gain access. Applying a Safety and Security window film to those areas will help hold the glass together upon impact. This will delay the intruder from gaining access, giving school officials more time to react and police more time to respond.

Schools across the country are supposed to be a safe environment free of crime and violence. While this was the case in the past, student and teachers, from elementary to high school, are becoming the victims of malicious attacks. Shatter-resistant security film and safety film is an optically clear, multilayer, polyester film that bonds to the inside of the window to reinforce the glass and help hold it in place upon impact. In typical cases upon impact security film helps hold the shattered glass in place, making a break in a harder task to accomplish.

Safety and Security film is applied to the window with soap and water. Shatter Resistant or Fragment Retention Film can be installed a couple different ways. The first is installed on the daylight area of the glass. Which means the security film will only hold the glass together and in the frame as long as some of the glass edges remains unbroken along the line where the daylight part of glass meets the frame. Once the edge totally breaks the film and broken glass will come out of the frame. The glass will still stay together with the film but it will break away from the frame.

The Best method for Application of Safety and Security film is anchoring the film to the window frame itself using a silicone adhesive or Wet Glaze Attachment System. A bead of a silicone-like product is run along the edge of the frame which adheres it to the frame of the window. The film becomes a flexible membrane holding the glass together and in the frame. Using this application is the Best Solution for Safety and Security Film installations in our Schools.

Unfortunately, School shootings are a sad reality that we wish were not true. AAWT has the experience and expertise to help with these situations. We are the only company in Colorado with a Master Accredited Safety and Security window film specialist who has been on our team since the start of our company! Call the Safety and Security Film Specialists in Colorado for a Free Quote, 303-936-1362