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Security Glass vs. Security Window Film Solutions

All American Window Tinting, Inc., (AAWT) is comprised of a team of security window installation and window film professionals. You are more than likely filled with questions on how to protect yourself, your family and all the things you worked hard for. We can help determine what the best solution is for you. Our Safety and Security window film and security glass experts are here to help!

The quickest solution for protection is adding a Safety and Security window film to your existing glass. The level of protection needed will determine what MIL thickness will best serve your needs.

In cases where you need to bring the annealed glass to a temper code, 4MIL and 7 MIL are sufficient. In applications, where forced entry and smash and grab burglaries, are the concern, 8 MIL and 13 MIL with a wet seal attachment system are recommended.  The wet seal attachment will bond the glass and film to the frame making it more difficult to break through the window even if the glass is compromised.

For the ultimate protection and a more long-term solution in high-risk situations, we can offer different levels of Bullet Resistant and Forced Entry Glass. We can never claim anything to be bullet “proof”. There are too many variables to consider. We can make the claim of providing the highest level of protection possible for different scenarios. Different types of glass are used for different purposes.

Forced Entry Glass. A multiple lamination or glass and plastic that is designed to resist penetration from physical attack. Typically used in Prisons, Jails, and other establishments that need a high level of security. This may be an option for Marijuana Shops and or Gun retail stores, that are at a risk for forced entry burglaries.

Bullet-Resistant Glass. Multiple laminations of glass and plastic that is designed to resist penetration from medium-to-super power small arms and high-power rifles and minimize spalling. All standards throughout the world have two main requirements: 1. the glazing must resist penetration by a specified bullet and 2. the spall or flying fragments leaving the rear face, as a result of the impact, must be limited. Different levels of protection are based on the layers of lamination and glass thickness. Depending on how high the level of protection you need this may be the answer.

It is always best to have a window and installation expert evaluate your needs to be sure we provide the best solutions for your safety and security needs.  That is why we offer a free onsite estimate after the initial consultation. Having a professional inspection of your windows ensures a proper install later on. No corners are cut when you choose All American Window Tinting, Inc.,(AAWT) for your Safety and Security Glass and Window Film needs. We are sure to provide you with a high-quality product and professional installation.

Choose All American Window Tinting (AAWT) for your Safety and Security Window Film and Glass needs.