Top Quality Vehicle Window Tint in Colorado

March 19th, 2020

Protect yourself from UV rays in your Jeep, Car or Truck even when the sun is not shining! 80% of UV rays can still penetrate through clouds! Plus you get the “double whammy” when it’s snowing. That is because the UV rays hit you directly and then bounce off the snow and hit you again!

Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic KLAR85 is a clear UV window film that reduces close to 35% of heat without changing the appearance of the glass. This window tint is perfect for windshields. Reduce heat and UV rays without reducing visibility.

Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic on the two front doors of your factory tinted vehicle will help reduce more heat than blacked-out limo tint. Reducing and retaining heat will help save you money on gas. That is because you will not have to use your Climate Control system as much. Tint your car and truck windows in Colorado with Lifetime warranty window tint!

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