The All American Horror Story- Exterior Freak Show

October 23rd, 2014

All American Horror Story- Exterior Show

Meet the Martin’s. They  just moved to Colorado, with their Min Pin creature from Salem Oregon. They are going to open up their own business  selling magical treats just in time for Halloween.  Upon moving to Denver, they  bought a new  car and purchased their very first Home.  What they would experience in their first month in Colorado was terrifying!

The Martins had encountered scary situations and seen the destruction that the ball of fire in the sky could cause in the past.  It was almost Winter in Colorado though and they were looking forward to the same dark skies that they were used to in Salem. What they didn’t realize was that 80% of the suns UV rays can pass through clouds, wreaking havoc on their possessions and even their own skin.  As the days passed they began to see they needed help battling the ball of fire in the sky. Even hiding behind clouds it was closer to them than it had ever been.

Mr. Martin did some digging and came up with the number of a company called All American Window Tinting. Their website was informative and educational. They had been helping others like the Martin’s conquer the ball of fire in the sky over Colorado for over 20 years. He knew AAWT was their only chance of surviving the horror they were encountering.

DArk Skies

It was the beginning of October and the weather in Colorado was paranormal. It wouldn’t be long before scary weather and the howling winds made their way into Denver. The sky would be covered with clouds and the howl from the wind could be heard for miles.  The weather would soon be uncooperative. They called AAWT for their help.


IMG_0123.JPGFirst was the Entrance in their new home. The primary problem was the ball of fire in the sky was burning their floors. The secondary problem was they could not sit in the Entrance and enjoy a Bloody Mary without the glare from the ball of fire blinding them. The inside of the glass was a spider web with bumps  and ridges.  They began to worry that there was no solution for the outside of the glass.  AAWT came out and provided a free in home consultation to ease their fears. The representative showed them an Exterior Neutral product that would work wizardly. It would help eliminate the damaging UV rays caused by the ball of fire in the sky and could be applied to the outside of the glass.  The film was applied with spine chilling results!



BlackoutNext was the magical treats shop they just opened. The situation was a bit different this time. The ball of fire was not the problem. The ghosts and goblins were! You see, the Martin’s have a special recipe for magical treats. The recipe has been handed down from generation to generation. They needed a film that would completely eliminate the ghosts and goblins from being able to see into a certain part of their store and steal their recipe. AAWT had a recipe of their own. Blackout tint, but a little hocus pocus would be needed! The Blackout tint was a supernatural product. It had the ability to heat up the glass and cause it to crack if it was not tempered. The only solution was to apply it to the outside of the glass. This would help eliminate the chance of cracking.  The Blackout tint proved to be the magical potion. The ghosts and goblins were frightened by the results.

The last step was their car. The representative from AAWT noticed Mrs. Martin’s porcelain skin seemed a little more gaunt but only on the left side. What was causing this eerie condition? The AAWT representative had a pretty good idea how to solve this mystery. He asked about her commute to work. She was only driving 13 miles each way to and from. However, she was driving South to work and North to go home. Which meant the wicked ball of fire was beating down directly on her left side to and from work.  The AAWT representative showed her High Performance automotive window tints. These product would help eliminate the terrifying UV rays caused by the ball of fire and help end her nightmare. It was not midnight dark, it was a light neutral shade, but it was even more effective than  those devilish dark tints. She was reluctant at first and had some fears because  she had heard that the Ceramic tint can cause ghosts! There was no witchcraft needed with this installation. The car was tinted with wicked results.IMG_1267

It’s been over a year now and the Martin’s survived their first year in Colorado with the help of the window film wizards at AAWT . Colorado has some of the strangest weather in the USA. Most people don’t realize Colorado gets over 300 days of sun shine a year.  It is one of the most supernatural places on the Earth. Between the high altitude and the drastic temperature fluctuations, there are a lot of different conditions that must be taken into consideration when choosing the right product. AAWT employs only the best warlocks who have the experience and the knowledge to battle the ball of fire in the sky over Colorado. They have the magical solution for your project.  If you need a professional on your side give All American Window Tinting a call 303-936-1362.