Energy Savings with Low E Window Film

February 04th, 2013

Are you looking to save money on energy costs? There are a variety of ways to do so, you can start saving now with window film. A specialty window film has been created to provide you with the ultimate energy saving benefits! Low E window film can help you to achieve LEED certification for your building and can save tons of money on your monthly energy costs. This film can be used for both residential and commercial purposes and is a great way to become energy efficient.

Low E window film increases the insulating power of single pane windows to double pane, and double pane to triple pane! This allows for round the clock energy savings that will last for years to come.

Low E Window Film:

Saves energy; in summer it reflects the sun away from the windows – less air conditioning is needed to cool your building. In winter, this film captures the interior heat and directs it back into the room, dramatically reducing heating costs.
– Installation is quick, easy, clean and non-intrusive.
– Less inexpensive then total window replacement.
– Blocks up to 99% of UV rays, which can fade furniture, upholstery, flooring and artwork.
– Reduces glare
– Increases privacy without compromising the view
We are proud to offer this product to residents and business owners in Colorado! Contact All American Window Tinting, Inc., at 303-936-1362 and start saving energy and money today!!