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January 04th, 2013

         Does your automobile have old tint? There are several ways of knowing. Window film has been around for quite a bit and many people have sought for window tint applications on their vehicles to reduce heat, glare, reject heat and enhance the aesthetics of their vehicles. But many of the films that existed did not stand the test of time. Instead, most films only offered approximately 3 years of supreme coverage, and would eventually turn purple, bubble, peel, blister and crack. Even today you can still see vehicles on the road with this unsightly window film still in place. Due to great advancements in window film technology, color-stable window films hit the market. These new films were a break through in the world of window tint. Those who have been driving around for years with old unsightly window tint can now remove and redo those windows with a new application of color-stable window films.
       These films are high performing, and are made without any dyes. They are nano-carbon polyester films and contain no metal! This makeup allows for premium heat rejection and does not interfere with radio and satellite signals. These films have a very stylish look, and are guaranteed to not turn purple, bubble, peel, blister, or crack. The darker the shade selected the greater rejection of solar heat from visible light transmission. So great, that 57% of heat will be blocked from entering your vehicle. Glare is then reduced dramatically, allowing only 5% to 50% of visible light into your car. This is a huge change from older films that are still available on the market. Be sure to ask all the necessary questions when shopping around for window film installation.
        When selecting your choice of window film, be sure to select a lifetime warranted film, this way you can have endless years of protection, with a sleek look. If you are one who is driving around town with old purple tint you can contact us, All American Window Tinting, Inc. at 303-936-1362, we will remove that old unsightly tint and redo your vehicles windows with an application of our Huper Optik or Llumar High Performing Color Stable Window Films. Our products are so great that we stand by the manufacturers warranty, offering free labor services if your window film has any defects after installation. We pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship and provide only the best product and customer service.