Security and Protection from Holiday Thievery

December 10th, 2012

       Smash and grab burglaries are extremely abundant during the holiday season. Listed below are some facts about this type of burglary, what to look for and precautions that can be taken!

Smash and Grab Burglaries

– Speed and Surprise: The main purpose of this type of thievery is to grab valuables quickly without care for alarms or making noise.
– Anytime, Anywhere and Anyone: Smash and grabs occur in both broad daylight and at night, and the perpetrators can range from experienced thieves to impulsive vandals.
– Watch Out: Keep away from areas that are poorly lit or unobserved; always park under street lights or parking lot lights.
– Conceal Valuables: Do your best to keep merchandise out of view. 
– Tools of the Trade: Most common smash and grab weapons of choice, hammers, bricks and metal objects.
– Costly: Not only will you have the loss of stolen goods, but you will be left with a broken window, which can cost even more money to replace than the goods that were taken.
– Security Option: Apply security window film to your vehicle today!! This film is proven to prevent invasion.

     Our President, Richard Marti of All American Window Tinting, Inc., has had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Casey Neeley of Window Film Magazine, check out the link below for great information on how security window film can protect you and your vehicle from smash and grab burglaries this holiday season!

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