What Window Film is Right for You?: Windows of Endless Possiblity!

October 08th, 2012

         Many would not think that there would be so many options when it comes to window film; indeed there are! Window film can be applied to any flat or curved glass surface. This makes way for endless possibilities when it comes to window film applications. Virtually any glass can be tinted, whether it be in your home, business or automobile; window film specifics are not all alike. There is a vast variety to choose from when selecting a window film to suit your needs. For instance, the type of glass the window film is being applied to makes a big difference on what selection of film is used. Glass comes in many types, tempered glass, laminated glass, flat glass, heat resistant glass and many more, each glass has their own specifics that need to be taken into account when selecting the right window film. Aesthetics play a major role in selecting what film is right for you; all window films do not look the same. What you are trying to achieve with window film is the main determination on what selection of window film is chosen as all window film are manufactured to perform in different ways to meet individual needs. The possibilities are truly amazing; which window film is right for you?
          Each individual chooses their window film based on their own needs. Many aspects play a role in determining what will best fit the criteria of what is to be achieved. Solar window film is applied to the inside of a window to reflect heat, absorb heat, decrease glare, interior fading and maximize UV protection. This type of film will dramatically reduce solar heat gain, improve energy efficiency, diminishing the need for extensive cooling. This type of film creates a more comfortable interior temperature while protection the things you love most. Low E window film is one of the best types of window film that we at All American Window Tinting, Inc., apply on residential and commercial windows. Low E coating intensifies the insulating power of single pane glass to double and double to triple for year-round energy savings. If it is heat, glare, ultraviolet, security, or privacy you are concerned about, All American Window Tinting, Inc. in Denver gives you a clear view and a clear choice. Design and aesthetics are sometimes the ultimate decider when choosing a window film. Some just want the look that window films provide. We carry a full line of decorative window film to customize any space; being sure to give you any look you can imagine. Window film does wonders when one is trying to achieve a new look to their home, business or vehicle, you and everyone else will be sure to notice the customized change.

        We specialize in over sized and irregular shaped windows; ensuring that every install is perfect. Our commercial window films can provide you with safety, security, privacy, enhance the look of your building and provide energy savings. All American Window Tinting, Inc., are the leaders in the field of window film applications and are sure to meet each and every need. If you are looking to provide privacy in a conference or restroom or reduce glare and reject heat in your main lobby, we have you covered. Security window film will help prevent break ins and keep glass from shattering; providing an extra level of protection. Bomb blast window film in particular was created to protect the weakest part of a building, its windows. This film was made to keep glass together in case of an explosion, to prevent flying glass shards and minimize the possibilities of even further damage all while ensuring building continuity. Anti-graffiti film will protect your windows from vandalism and can be easily removed if incidences do occur. Personal belongings will be spared the damage that UV rays cause and your family, employees and customers will also receive protection from such damaging rays all while providing the comfort that window film has to offer.

          Although blinds, drapes and curtains do provide for some reduction in visible light, they are not uniform and block much of the outside view. With window film you can achieve visible light reduction AND heat reduction all while preserving the beautiful landscape view of the outdoors; there is no need to compromise anything when it comes to window film.
           To first decide which window film will meet your needs, the type of windows in your business or home must be determined along with the specific energy needs one is trying to meet. These coupled together will help dramatically when determining what type of window film to choose. The main reason for this is to prevent any damage to the actual window from the window film; age, condition, construction and type of glass are also deciding factors when choosing the right window film.
         Automobiles receive the same attention as a business or home. Automotive window films are designed to meet a variety of needs. Most people turn to automotive window film to block out unwanted UV rays that cause heat, glare, and damage to interiors. When window film is applied to a vehicle, solar heat can be decreased by up to 70%, a lot cooler than most, which allows for a reduction in fuel costs; the AC no longer has to work as hard to keep the interior cool. Glare is diminished dramatically ensuring a safer drive all while protecting you and your family from harmful skin damaging UV rays. Such protection will also allow for prevention against cracks and fading of your vehicles interior.
        Window film applications can be completed in hours! Each job is meticulously handled to ensure the proper window cleaning techniques are utilized prior to installation; ensuring no particles are left behind. We take as much pride in our window cleaning as we do in our window film applications; without proper cleaning, particles can become entrapped between the glass and the film causing unsightly imperfections. Keep in mind all the various conditions when deciding what window film is right for you; each will aid in reaching your window film goal. We at All American Window Tinting, Inc., stand by our word of excellence, premium customer service and workmanship. Any questions or concerns will be addressed accordingly to provide for the greatest of comfort and understanding when it comes to selecting the right window film. We guarantee that each job is completed with the utmost of care and attention to detail, being sure to give our customers a seamless, custom cut job every time. Your comfort, security and peace of mind are our main priorities, so give us a call today for all of your window film needs!
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