Shield Your Building with the Ultimate Security

November 01st, 2012

     Government buildings have to be sure to protect their employees and their patrons from any and all harm; the highest security is required to maintain the safest of grounds. Government facilities have certain codes they must live up to ensure proper security and to preserve the welfare of all that dwell within that building. Special precautions can be taken to establish the highest protection. For instance, the most fragile part of a building is of course its windows. In order to meet or exceed all ideas of protection, All American Window Tinting, Inc., has the solution, Bomb Blast Window Film.
      This film was designed to help hold glass together in the event a bomb or other explosives were to be set off in or around your building. By helping holding the glass together, serious injuries as a result of flying glass shards can be minimized. Installing Bomb blast window film is a smart emergency plan and security precaution. Since glass is the weakest point of all buildings in terms of safety and security, a detonated bomb in or around your building would cause glass shards to go flying. These tiny shards turn into propelling shrapnel, ultimately resulting in 90% of all injuries from a bomb blast. This window film provides the highest of added protection by minimizing building damage and ensures building continuity all while shielding those inside.
     There are extremists out there that commit horrible acts of crime everyday, leaving their prey hopeless without any warning of attack. These terrible acts can be fought before they even begin. Although it’s impossible to determine when and where they will strike, building owners can now improve the safety and security of their buildings by installing this film. Bomb Blast Window Film will ensure that the glass remains intact during an explosion, thus minimizing the chance of possible injury of dwellers within.
       Bomb Blast Window Film has other advantages as well. For example:
*  Prevents break-ins and theft of classified government information
*  Protection and safety from broken glass shards from smash and grab burglaries
*  Security from flying debris caused by severe weather/storms

  Give your building the safety, security and protection it deserves and call All American Window Tinting, Inc., today at 303-934-TINT and schedule your free consultation!!