Understand, Follow and Keep Warranty to Avoid Future Hassles

January 17th, 2013

The importance of understanding and keeping warranty documentation after a window installation or window film application.

Free Onsite Consultation with All American Window Tinting, Inc.    It is extremely important that you educate yourself before purchasing new windows or applying window film to your home or office. It is a must to be fully knowledgeable on how these types of warranties work. At All American Window Tinting, Inc., our professional installers offer a free consultation before performing any services. During this free consultation each respective customer is given in depth education pertaining to the replacement of windows or installation of window film. We are sure to provide all the necessary information and documentation that is needed when determining the best route to take with our services. We are honest and upfront. Our knowledge is backed by over 20 years of experience and professional specialized training. We carry various accreditation’s that certify that we are indeed knowledgeable on all the services we perform. We are an A+ accredited BBB member, have received various awards, i.e. Angie’s List Super Service Award, Denver Award for Automobile Glass Coating and Tinting, and have even been quoted in Window Film Magazine based on our expertise and superior customer service. Our customers are very loyal and have backed the quality of our work for many years. Check out all of our reviews to see for yourself. We give each customer the same positive special attention and are sure to provide them with adequate knowledge of our services, product, maintenance and warranty information. We believe that educating each individual that seeks our services deserves to be fully knowledgeable before any installation takes place. We give the peace of mind that our customers are entitled to, as the process of installation and warranty information is quite detailed.
Document Preservation for Both Window Replacement and Window Film Application

     When meeting with our installer for the first time, be sure to take in all the information that is provided. But most importantly keep ALL documentation. This is important for future reference and keeping such documentation will ensure that any future issues that may arise are fully covered. Do so with any services you you receive from any company. The warranty you receive for any services that may have been rendered MUST be kept in a safe place; if it becomes lost, and you don’t have the documentation to back up your claim for any future complaints, you may then be at a loss. This is something we warn each and every customer about; we try to prevent you from having issues when it comes to filing a claim. When it comes to filing a claim all warranty documentation is needed. Your name, address and date of installation must be present on the warranty; in order to ensure that it is valid and accepted by the manufacturer. Each warranty is different, the type of product, type of installation and date of installation all play a role in determining your warranty terms. Once a claim is filed, patience is much needed, as the process of submitting a warranty and waiting for approval and then getting replacement services or a refund could take up to  60 days. We work with the warranty departments of each manufacturer to ensure a speedy approval of your claim, but in some cases, dependent upon numerous variables, there is no telling on how long it could take for a claim to be approved. Each situation is different and is composed of various factors that determine the approval process.

Be Wise – Choose Wise

You, as a consumer, must be familiar with warranty terms when it comes to applying window film to your windows. Once a window film is applied, it renders the original window warranty invalid. But don’t be alarmed, the window film comes with a warranty that will back up the original window unit warranty so, if for any reason seal failure occurs due to the application of the window film, the damage to your window unit will be covered. When choosing what company you are going to go with for your window film installation be sure to get all warranty information, and be sure your window film warranty covers your actual window unit. For example, if you choose All American Window Tinting, Inc., and you decided to go with a Huper Optik Window Film, the warranty states that:

“In the event glass failure and or seal failure due to thermal stress is caused only as a direct result of the application of the HUPER OPTIK window film, Huper Optik USA will:

1. Repair or Replace the broken glass.
2. Replace or repair that portion of the window frame in immediate contact with the glass, if damaged due to the break.
3. Replace such quantity of HUPER OPTIK film judged to be necessary by Huper Optik USA in its sole discretion.
4. Board up or cover openings caused by glass failure when replacement of glass is subject to unreasonable delay.
5. Repair or replace the seal, if damaged due to the break.”

This proves that if the window film application were to cause seal failure or glass failure that the manufacturer, Huper Optik, would indeed provide the necessary means to replace or repair your window unit. There are other terms of the warranty that contribute to this coverage, for example, the age of the windows and how long the window film has actually been in place. Know the terms of your warranty and base your service/product selection on these terms and choose the recommendations that are provided to you. It’s very important that you go with a professional for both types of installations to ensure a proper install and to maintain a warranty. It is very easy to be swindled, so educate yourself each and every time you meet with a company.

    Once a warranty claim is approved, replacement of services and/or product will be awarded to you, and will be based on your individual warranty terms. No alterations or substitutions of any warranty can or will be made. All warranty approvals are done so by the manufacturer; the decision to approve your claim is solely done by the manufacturer and such decision is based on your reasoning, validity of the claim and terms of the warranty. The dealer/installer can ONLY validate the claim on your behalf to assist in the approval process. Once a issue arrives and a claim is made it is out of the hands of the dealer/installer and any award given is provided by the manufacturer.

Educate, Understand, Follow and Keep

Be sure to read through all of your warranty documentation and to follow any maintenance instructions provided to you. If proper actions are taken on your behalf your warranty will be sure to protect you. The importance of keeping such documentation can not be stressed enough. Read, educate and follow all instructions to be sure you get the protection you deserve.
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